Queries validator info for given delegator validator pair.



  • delegator_addr: STRING - The delegator address to query for.
  • validator_addr: STRING - The validator address to query for.


  • pagination.key: STRING - (base64) (optional) A value returned in PageResponse.next_key to begin querying the next page most efficiently. Only one of offset or key should be set.
  • pagination.offset: INTEGER - (optional) A numeric offset that can be used when key is unavailable. It is less efficient than using key. Only one of offset or key should be set.
  • pagination.limit: STRING - (optional) The total number of results to be returned in the result page. If left empty it will default to a value to be set by each app.
  • pagination.count_total: BOOLEAN - (optional) count_total is set to true to indicate that the result set should include a count of the total number of items available for pagination in UIs. count_total is only respected when offset is used. It is ignored when key
    is set.
  • pagination.reverse: BOOLEAN - (optional) reverse is set to true if results are to be returned in the descending order.
curl https://cosmos-mainnet-archive.allthatnode.com:1317/cosmos/staking/v1beta1/delegators/cosmos1jsu8kqf8pv6pf2rcwylulvp73a453q382wep43/validators/cosmosvaloper14lultfckehtszvzw4ehu0apvsr77afvyju5zzy \
-H 'x-allthatnode-api-key: 8U3JLUhzIDg3GShvy9hkCCSYkLGc11kj'


  • OBJECT - The delegation informations by delegator address.
  "validator": {
    "operator_address": "cosmosvaloper14lultfckehtszvzw4ehu0apvsr77afvyju5zzy",
    "consensus_pubkey": {
      "@type": "/cosmos.crypto.ed25519.PubKey",
      "key": "C+VWc34ZF6n/QoIAXo4191OwKxQWpbFnrGKCqcNbe1E="
    "jailed": false,
    "status": "BOND_STATUS_BONDED",
    "tokens": "10578043955969",
    "delegator_shares": "10578043955969.000000000000000000",
    "description": {
      "moniker": "DokiaCapital",
      "identity": "25422F4ADF3F6765",
      "website": "https://staking.dokia.cloud",
      "security_contact": "",
      "details": "Downtime is not an option for Dokia Capital. We operate an enterprise-grade infrastructure that is robust and secure."
    "unbonding_height": "0",
    "unbonding_time": "1970-01-01T00:00:00Z",
    "commission": {
      "commission_rates": {
        "rate": "0.150000000000000000",
        "max_rate": "0.150000000000000000",
        "max_change_rate": "0.010000000000000000"
      "update_time": "2019-03-13T23:00:00Z"
    "min_self_delegation": "1",
    "unbonding_on_hold_ref_count": "0",
    "unbonding_ids": []

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