Queries the balance of all coins for a single account.



  • address: STRING - The address to query balances for


  • pagination.key: STRING - (base64) (optional) key is a value returned in PageResponse.next_key to begin querying the next page most efficiently. Only one of offset or key should be set.
  • pagination.offset: INTEGER - (optional) offset is a numeric offset that can be used when key is unavailable. It is less efficient than using key. Only one of offset or key should be set.
  • pagination.limit: STRING - (optional) limit is the total number of results to be returned in the result page. If left empty it will default to a value to be set by each app.
  • pagination.count_total: BOOLEAN - (optional) count_total is set to true to indicate that the result set should include a count of the total number of items available for pagination in UIs. count_total is only respected when offset is used. It is ignored when key
    is set.
  • pagination.reverse: BOOLEAN - (optional) reverse is set to true if results are to be returned in the descending order.
curl "https://cosmos-mainnet-archive.allthatnode.com:1317/cosmos/bank/v1beta1/balances/cosmos1j8pp7zvcu9z8vd882m284j29fn2dszh05cqvf9?pagination.offset=1&pagination.limit=5" \
-H 'x-allthatnode-api-key: 8U3JLUhzIDg3GShvy9hkCCSYkLGc11kj'


  • OBJECT - The balance information of an address.
  "balances": [
      "denom": "ibc/10772FB1D15D387C2ECA07A4DFABD802DD89CC26567B3320CD267CB3D0829A96",
      "amount": "3918156"
      "denom": "ibc/12DA42304EE1CE96071F712AA4D58186AD11C3165C0DCDA71E017A54F3935E66",
      "amount": "1943740665"
      "denom": "ibc/14F9BC3E44B8A9C1BE1FB08980FAB87034C9905EF17CF2F5008FC085218811CC",
      "amount": "162132734"
      "denom": "ibc/1542F8DC70E7999691E991E1EDEB1B47E65E3A217B1649D347098EE48ACB580F",
      "amount": "100000"
      "denom": "ibc/19DD710119533524061885A6F190B18AF28D9537E2BAE37F32A62C1A25979287",
      "amount": "28700000000000000000"
  "pagination": {
    "total": "0"

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