💖 We are All That Node!

One platform, multi-chain supported node API sevice.

Greetings, Buidlers!

A Blockchain Data-as-a-Service offered by DSRV, All That Node is a multi-chain node and data service. Since 2021, it has supported numerous developers and companies.

Leveraging DSRV’s expertise in Web3 infrastructure, developers can concentrate on their projects without worrying about NodeOps, uptime, scaling, and other operational concerns.

To date, All That Node has handled nearly 72 billion API calls across 30 networks.

All That Node Will Make You...

1. Just Focus On Building

  • Entrust us with node management for guaranteed top-notch uptime, and concentrate on expanding your project!

2. Go Multi-chain

  • Explore the entire Web3 ecosystem with ease using our scalable and reliable node solutions that support 16+ blockchains.

2. Get Archive Data

  • Retrieve all historical states for free!

3. Tap Into Exceptionally Powerful Features

  • Experience enterprise-grade API security coupled with a powerful analytics dashboard that visualizes all your API calls.

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Our Free Plan offers a daily limit of 50,000 requests and permits up to 20 RPS for concurrent throughput.

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DSRV was born out of the developer community, so our priority is to empower our own. That’s why we offer the industry’s most comprehensive multi-chain development suite, and at no cost to you.