❓How to Set Up a Project

1. Create a Project

  1. Click "Create New Project" on your dashboard.
  1. Select "Shared" for your node type.
  1. Choose the subscription plan between Free/ Developer/ Team/ Enterprise.
    3-1. You can choose either a monthly or yearly billing cycle.
  1. Click "Check Out" to proceed.
  1. Now you have a shared plan project with the name "New project #" on your dashboard.


Free Plan Limit

You can only subscribe to a single "Free Plan."

2. Add Protocols

  1. Click "Add Protocols" on the project detail page.
  1. Choose which protocols you want to use, then click "Add."
  1. Check that the protocol endpoints are added to the "Endpoints" tab!

3. Try Your Requests Through the Endpoints.

  1. Now you can test requests though the endpoints. Select the provider type you want to test.
  1. Click "Example."
  1. Click the code example area. The example will be copied to your clipboard.
  1. Paste the code to the prompt and send. And then check the return value.


Any errors?

You can check out the "Error Messages" page to figure out the reason.