Experience pay-as-you-go with the flexibility to pay based on your usage.

What is Auto-scaling?

Auto-scaling allows you to send additional requests even when you've exhausted your daily usage limit. When you enable this feature, it automatically scales resources to handle more requests, allowing you to continue unhindered.

When should I use Auto-scaling?

Here is a simple user case as an example:

Sarah is a developer who operates a Dapp, and this app often experiences occasional and unexpected surges in traffic. These activity spikes occur especially during specific events or promotional periods. However, the NaaS (Node as a Service) that Sarah is using has a static daily usage limit, which puts her service at risk of disruption during these periods of increased traffic.

To address this issue, Sarah activates the "Auto-scaling" feature on her project. This means that Sarah's Dapp can continue running even with traffic that exceeds the daily usage limit. As a result, it continues to be available to customers and can accommodate the increased load, even if it incurs additional charges. Sarah can maintain the app's performance and reliability while ensuring a seamless service for its users.

How can I activate Auto-scaling?


Currently, this feature is only supported with paid plans (Developer, Team, and Enterprise).

  1. Navigate to the billing tab on your project's detail page.

    Click the "Billing" tab

  2. Click the Auto-scaling toggle switch to turn on.

    1. Note that if you're turning on the Auto-scaling feature for the first time, clicking the toggle switch will bring up the Auto-scaling configuration screen first.
      To configure the Auto Scaling option, jump to How to configure Auto-scaling.

    2. If you already configured these settings, the feature will be activated based on those existing settings.



      Please note that you won't be turn on/ turn off/ configure Auto-scaling during the billing settlement period (from 0 to 1 AM UTC).

  3. Once Auto-scaling is activated, an indicator will appear next to the usage information at the top of the project detail page.

  4. You can also monitor your request usage in the header section usage bar, or the Auto-scaling section in the billing tab.

  5. If you want to change your Auto-scaling settings, click "Edit" on the "Auto-scaling Daily Limit" section.

How to configure Auto-scaling

Setting an Auto-scaling daily limit

You can set a limit on your Auto-scaling usage to prevent excess usage.

  1. Click "Edit" in the "Auto-scaling Daily Limit" section. This will open the Auto-scaling configuration menu.

  2. Choose the percentage or select the unlimited option in the "Auto-scaling Daily Limit" section. The default value is 200%.

    1. If you select '200%,' it means you can use 2X the base daily quota, including the base daily quota itself. This allows you to use an additional 100% on top of the base usage (100%).
      1. For example, if your base daily quota is 2M, choosing Auto-scaling at 200% allows you to use an additional 2M, and if you select 600%, you can use an additional 10M.
    2. You can also select the "Unlimited" option.
      1. This allows you to use the endpoints without any restrictions, even if you exceed your base daily quota. Additional usage may incur charges.
      2. Please note that if you engage in excess usage, we may contact you to prevent excessive charges.
  3. Click "Save" to apply changes.


Auto-scaling Usage Pricing

FreeDeveloperTeamEnterpriseDedicated Nodes
Not supported$0.49/100K reqs$0.45/100K reqsCustomFree
  • Note: The price applies to 100,000-request intervals. For example, if you subscribe to the Team Plan, charges are applied at $0.45 for usage between 1 and 100,000 requests, and another $0.45 for usage between 100,001 and 200,000 requests.


Auto-scaling Billing Limit

To prevent excess charges, we set the monthly amount of your subscribed plan to the daily maximum billing limit for Auto-scaling. Please keep this in mind when use your endpoints.


Auto-scaling Usage Billing Time

The Auto-scaling usage is tallied from 00:00 AM to 1:00 AM UTC, and invoices are issued around 1:00 AM UTC.

  1. When you deplete your Auto-scaling daily usage, you will receive the following error message.
    1. {"error": "too many requests, daily quota exceeded.", "id": "REQUEST_ID", "project": "YOUR_PROJECT_ID"}

Setting Auto-scaling Alerts

We'll send you notifications via email when your Auto-scaling usage reaches a specific threshold.


Currently All That Node supports a maximum of 5 Auto-scaling alerts.

  1. Click the "+" button.

  2. Please enter the request amount at which you would like to receive email alerts.

    1. You can also click on the preset buttons inside the input box to have the value automatically populated. The value automatically populated is calculated based on the Auto-scaling daily limit you've set.
    2. For instance, if your Auto-scaling daily limit is 10,000,000, clicking the 80% preset button will automatically input 8,000,000.
  3. Click the "+" button inside the input box, or press enter to submit your input.

  4. Click "Save" to apply your changes.

  5. Now an email alert will be sent to you when your Auto-scaling usage reaches the specified amount.



    Note: The email alert will be sent to the Project Owner only.

How can I deactivate Auto-scaling?

You can disable the Auto-scaling option simply by toggling the switch to the off position.



Please note that you cannot disable Auto-scaling if there's been any Auto-scaling usage. Please try again when your quote has been reset.