What is a Dedicated Node?

Dedicated nodes are ideal for developers seeking a more secure connection to specific protocols, enhanced performance for enterprise-grade products, or access to a protocol not supported by All That Node's Core Node API.


You can simply access All That Node’s Core Node APIs with Shared Plans.

Dedicated Nodes

Customize your access to nodes!

Dedicated Nodes offer the advantage of providing specifically tailored RPC Node services, along with fully customizable options to suit the unique needs of individual teams or projects.

  • Backup nodes included by default.
  • You have the option to select the region where your node will run.
  • The cost is fixed regardless of usage, unless a dramatic surge in traffic occurs. In that case, we may request to run an extra node to guarantee the stability.
  • Dedicated technical support will be available 24/7 via an emergency support team.
  • A dedicated node manager will be arranged for your project.

Take a Look At How To Set Up a Project With Dedicated Nodes!

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